The 10 Most Interesting Islands in the World


Andaman Islands (Venkatesh K/Flickr).

Andaman Islands (Venkatesh K/Flickr).

In the Bay of Bengal, not far from the coast of Myanmar, lie the Andaman Islands, an archipelago mostly under Indian control. Among the Andaman Islands is North Sentinel Island, a small forested island surrounded by coral reefs.

The island is inhabited by the Sentinelese people, currently a group of about 50 to 400 people who, through history, have rejected contact with the outside world and remain among the last communities in the world to be untouched by modern civilization. The first peaceful contact with the Sentinelese was made by an Indian anthropologist in 1991 and, since 1997, India has ceased visits to the island. After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Indian government sent helicopters to observe the island. The islanders shot arrows and threw stones at the helicopter. In 2006, the islanders killed two fisherman who drifted near North Sentinel.

Politically, the island is officially administered by India and under its control. However, because there has been no real contact with the islanders or any attempt in recorded history to occupy the island, the island is essentially an autonomous entity. It is the official policy of the government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands not to interfere with the Sentinelese or attempt further contact.

Read more about North Sentinel Island at Atlas Obscura.



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  2. Love your list…but you missed out Bora bora from Tahiti…

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  4. I had heard the Whitsundays are lovely. And Stromboli always seemed like an exciting destination, but I’m a sucker for an island. How about Isola Bella on Maggiore? That’s a fond memory. 🙂

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