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How to Eat a Hamburger in Sweden

The first meal we had in Stockholm – no, not at Ikea – was Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. The second was Max at T-Centralen. Founded in Northern Sweden in the late 1960s, Max is Sweden’s answer to McDonald’s. The name even sounds suspiciously similar. The chain hasn’t spread much beyond Sweden, with […]

The 3 Types of Food-Inspired Fashion

You are what you eat. (This is especially true if you’re a flamingo and you’re pink because you eat shrimp.) But, sometimes, you also wear what you eat. (And we’re not talking about that mustard stain from lunch.) Two recent runway shows at Paris and Milan fashion weeks, and a bit of recent apparel history, […]

I Found the Soul of Switzerland in a McDonald’s McGruyère

Because sometimes a sandwich isn’t just a sandwich. The trip from Zurich to Zermatt lasts three hours by train and climbs four thousand feet. It takes you from within twenty miles of the German border to within five miles of the Italian, though you wouldn’t know it by the rösti – a dish so ubiquitous […]